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My wife and I just took possession of our new home last week and I wanted to send you a quick note.

When we first decided that we wanted to build a home, Gino’s was first on our list.  We heard so many positive things about your company from people in the Italian community and from people that have built with you before.  Your company’s reputation was why we chose to put our trust and faith with you in building our home. 

I have to say that your team went above and way beyond our expectations.  Everyone that we dealt with and most of all Troy Barkhouse was a pleasure to deal with and made sure that we were 100% happy at all times.  Everyone always made sure all of our questions and concerns were addressed right away.  As this was our first time building a home, we had A LOT of questions too and no one ever made us feel as though we were a bother or inconvenience.  Some people that we know, that have built a home,  told us that  it’s very stressful and can take a lot of your time.  Well they should have built with Gino’s…  With Gino’s it was the exact opposite!!!  It was stress free and I felt as though we could get as involved as we wanted or as uninvolved as we wanted.  Everything was always taken care of for us.  It was EASY.

We have a few small things that we need to email Troy about still but I’m sure they will be taken care of, just like every other concern we ever had while building with Gino’s.

I would highly recommend Gino’s to anyone that asks and I even tell people when they don’t ask…  You truly are great at what you do and our experience has been a very positive one.

Thank You to everyone at Gino’s!!!!  You did such a great job and we are so happy we went with Gino’s to build our new home.
In 2009 my wife and I engaged Gino's Homes to build our new home in Winnipeg. We really had no idea what we were getting into and were told by everyone we knew that during the time of all the planning and preparation of this project, my wife and I would probably get into quite a few arguments over all the stress. However, this was not the case as the Gino's Homes Team made things so easy for us, that I don't remember being overwhelmed at all. They took control of planning every single detail and made sure that our wishes were implemented whenever possible. They kept us updated on the progress every step of the way. The Gino's Homes Team made our dreams come true in a short time handing over of the keys to our brand new home on time. I was thoroughly impressed. Even more impressive was the fact that they said they could do it and they proved it and quality was never sacrificed, not a single corner cut. Gino's Homes built our house as if it were for his own family. Every member of the team took so much pride in the work that they did and it showed in the final product. We get nothing but compliments on our home from all of our friends, family and neighbors alike. Gino's Homes is a great company with so much integrity. They go far beyond what they do in their trade as well. We are a young family yet and as our family continue to grow; my wife are actually considering building again, and there is no other company that we trust more than Gino's Homes to help us build again. I hope you can tell by this post how much I respect and stand by Gino's Homes. Take the time to examine their work and you will see what all of the companies satisfied customers already know.

My Husband and I were first time homebuyers and new from the states. Gino's reputation around town and through those we have met along the way made us 100% happy with our choice. Our home is GORGEOUS, was finished ahead of schedule and follow through/ up has been outstanding. An Extra thank you to Marc, A true Joy to work with. No concern or question was too small for Marc to answer for us, we so appreciated his friendliness professionalism and hard work. We LOVE our Gino's Home!!

Thank you,
Stephen and Megan
Hello Rob,

We visited your new Show Home in Royalwood and were very impressed. I did however notice a feature that is standard in your homes that was not included in ours. I did not realize until I visited the home on Eastoak, but as soon as I saw it, I realized that it was missing from my house. This item should be easy for you to come down and install. Of course I am speaking of the swimming pool with the waterfall in the back yard. Maybe it is something that you have to wait until the end of summer to install, kind of like waiting for the frost to thaw in order to do the driveway?

I am kidding. The house is very impressive. I was however, immediately barred from entering because I still had my morning coffee in hand (it was noon on Sunday, as if anyone should be walking around without a coffee at that point). I vowed out loud to never buy a Gino's home, then realized the hypocrisy of my statement and took my coffee outside. In a small moment of protest though, I noticed the sign that said if I entered the house with my shoes on that I would be fined $250, so I left my coffee outside, put my shoes on and took a step in. Good luck getting that 250 bucks from me. Homeowner 1, Builder 0.

All joking aside, the house on Eastoak is great as is the one in Sage Creek. We have not seen them all, but we will before the end of the parade. Most importantly, when we go around and see other show homes, it really makes us appreciate what we have. We have a very high quality home and the after service so far has been great. We are currently 3 years ahead of the pace from our previous build. Keep up the good work. We will let you know who wins our top prize in this year's parade.

Have a good day,
Hello Rob and Frank,

Just thought that I would follow up on a few items...

I thought I would share something that we were impressed with. It may be nothing to you, but compared with our first build with another company, this was impressive to us. We went down to see the house the other day. We contacted Greg and he helped us out. When we were there, there were two guys working on the front door. They explained to us that they had put the front door in the wrong spot and it wasn't perfectly centered on the pillars. To be honest, we had not noticed. We would have eventually, and quietly, it would have bothered us, or even sub consciously. What we were impressed with is that they were moving it. To give some perspective, when our current house was being built, they put a heating vent centered on the front door. It probably violates code, but if it doesn't it is just a ridiculous place to put a heating vent. When we brought this to light, we were told a number of things that was intended on us accepting it. When finally they agreed that it wasn't the best spot for the vent, they moved it, but to do so, I think they gave a medium sized gorilla a sledgehammer and let him have at it. Even now it looks horrible and it is still in a poor spot. So, to see an example of your quality control at work impressed us about the quality of house we are receiving. To see the door removed, reframed and reinstalled properly was great to see. It makes us realize that doing things right for your company is important and we are working with a different kind of builder than we have in the past.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. We can't wait to see the kitchen installed.

Bruce and Shelby
Hi Frank,

Just thought that I would follow up on a few items...

First off, our house is fantastic. Sheri and I are so happy and are so pleased that we made the decision to build with Gino's. Everything has been great, and the few issues that we have had after we moved in have been relatively minor and dealt with very quickly.

We just wanted to thank you, Robert, Jeff and especially Greg for everything you have done for us during our time building. Right from the initial stages of looking at designs and show homes with Jeff, and his professionalism in the sales process through to Greg's management of our construction sight and ensuring that things were taking care of to our specifications everything has been so fabulous. The constant communication from your office, and from Greg made everything so easy, and it was a pleasure to deal with you. Our experience differs from so many people we know who have built with other builders, and we almost feel guilty that things were as smooth as they were.

Sheri and I will continue to recommend to our friends that they consider building with Gino's. Until you've gone through it, there is really isn't an experience like it.

Please feel free to pass our comments along.

Grant and Sheri-Lynn
Hey there Rob,

I just wanted to say again how much I am in love with my new home! We have (for the second time around) had a exceptional experience building with Gino's Homes. I take great pride in the fact that I have a gorgeous home that was built with extremely high quality and standards in mind.

We have also really enjoyed working with our project manager, Greg, this time around. I always had a great deal of questions and very high expectations and Greg was always very helpful and full of information. I appreciate his attention to detail and professionalism. I think he needs a raise :)

You will be the first ones I call when I decided to build house number three!

Jackie (and Jeremy) Frost
We are very happy to say that our first home building experience was definitely a good one. Timelines and dates were always met, making for a low-stress experience. When dealing with either members of the Gino's team or their suppliers, we were always met with prompt, courteous people who genuinely cared about us and our home.

Dealing with Rob, Frank and Jim was always a pleasure.

Lise & Alec Leflour
Dear Rob, Frank and Jim,

We cannot thank you all enough for the wonderful experience of designing and building our dream home. From the early collaborative drawings of our vision with your design team, to the final realization of every last detail without compromise, the entire process has been delightful.

We met so many of your dedicated and experienced building team and learned a great deal about quality workmanship. We hope you will pass on our sincerest thank you to all of them; to Dan Voth who created our dream kitchen, and Gary at Robinson’s for an awesome custom lighting design, and especially Guy and Angelo, who have worked with your family for so many decades, and who went above and beyond with their knowledge and service.

The assurance and reputation of building with Gino’s is one of the main reasons we chose to contract with you, and we were not disappointed. Everything was completed on time and on budget. There were no surprises. We love our new home.

Jim, we look forward to having you and Sheila over soon, to see the final results.

Again thank-you all for making it happen.

Kindest regards,
Sharon Alward and Kim Marshall
Attention Frank and Rob:

This is not the first time that we have built a home, and if anyone knows the difference between a good builder and an OUTSTANDING builder it is us.

Looking to build your new home, look no further. Gino's is the way to go. Every time we would call you guys we would get excellent service and friendly advice on our building concerns. We have been very impressed with our house, the quality is wonderful.

If any of your buyers are not sure if they should build with you or not, tell them to stop by our house, we are sure they would become part of the "Gino's Family".

Thank you for our Beautiful home!
Dennis and Eleanor Dueck

P.S. Tell Cal that we will be out to see him at the next show home...with muffins, and coffee.
Frank, Rob and Jim:

We had always heard if you stay HAPPILY married after building a house together you're one of the lucky ones.

With the Gino's Homes team, life through building was a dream!!! The moment I stepped foot into the show home and met with Jim Wall, I was hooked. The model was awesome and Jim was not pushy but VERY informative. Of course, this is easy when you know the team you're working with stands behind every word.

You have kept us informed every step of the way and returned calls immediately. Your family of sub-contractors were awesome, indicating you have their respect as well. Each person we were in contact with from suppliers to installers worked above and beyond to ensure satisfaction, while still keeping on or ahead of schedule. This means A LOT in this crazy new home market.

Kudos to you Rob, Frank, Jim and all the Gino's Homes family.

Thank you,
Kirby and Jessica Watson
Attention Gents:

On behalf of MaryAnn and Myself, we wanted to send you a note of thanks to tell you how pleased we have been with our new home. Coming from a service industry myself, it has been a pleasure working through our new home build as you have made what could have been a very stressful time in our lives an exciting and rewarding experience.

We undertook three years of preparation and planning before deciding to build and felt confident that Gino’s was the right builder after our research was complete. As we found out through the build, like Cal Swan, the level of professionalism and caring nature within the Gino’s family was second to none. Your company went to great lengths to make certain we were completely satisfied and delighted with our new home and the quality of product speaks volumes for itself.

Wishing you all the best and prosperity in the future, and should we know of people wanting to build we will certainly be spreading the good word.

Derek and MaryAnn Oldfield
Dear Rob,

From the first time we entered one of Gino's show homes we were impressed with the quality and the attention to detail. That attention to detail has continued with after sales service which has been responsive and most helpful.

Ken and Laurie Walus
Dear Rob and Frank,

After shopping around, we came to the conclusion that Gino's Custom Homes built the best home for your dollar. Corners were never cut and the products they used were a step above the rest.

Dealing directly with the builder certainly has it's advantages. Rob and Frank were always available to answer all of our questions, not matter how small. This is extremely important when having a custom home built. The services provided by Gino's has certainly given us a peace of mind.

Lori Pilkey & Jeff Hillock
To the Cotroneo Family,

We had been looking to build for a couple of years before we made our decision to go with Gino's Custom Built Homes. We walked into a Gino's showhome at the beginning of spring and immediately felt as though it was built for us. Although we built something smaller than the showhome, we are ecstatic about the end result. It has been great working with the Gino's team throughout the entire process. We were very satisfied about the level of service, commitment and attention to detail that Gino's homes displayed. Above all, we were treated with respect. We would highly recommend Gino's to our family, friends, and anyone else we come across who is looking to custom build.

The Marianos
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